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The Current Axialflow Supercharger

Left is a 4 stage 550 CFM compressor. This is a typical unit that could be for any installation requiring it's characteristics. This happens to be a development unit, it can be front or rear inlet. The radial inlet/outlet can be timed in any of three planes. The nose/transmission housing/mounting point can be timed in any of 8 positions. The can is shown for size comparison. This unit weighs 11 Lbs.

These compressors are built entirely from billet bar stock, there are no castings anywhere. Due to this we have complete flexibility in design. While we don't make a new design for every blower we can customize the flow and pressure at will. Our machining process is highly flexible but it does require that the part design have certain parameters. It is possible to build these for almost all applications up to the limit of the envelop. Where that limit is we can only speculate.

Currently we have built 450, 550, 650 CFM units. These have all been axial rear inlet and front radial outlet. We have built them in reverse rotation on the 450 CFM units. Right hand rotation in all other sizes.


As stated in the history section Latham started axial flow supercharging. While Richard Paul is the heir apparent to all things Latham it is not a subsidiary of Axialflow Engineering. It is Affiliated by being where Mr. Paul works. As such we offer services for old Latham blowers even though they are no longer produced. 

  • Florida units: Very few parts are still available for these blowers. We have no belts except for the 1.5 wide SBC using the FI manifold. Some service can be provided for these. Units that have been disassembled by others cannot be serviced.

  • California built units: These can be fully serviced and most parts are available. Belts are available as well as carb adapters. Units that have been disassembled by others cannot be serviced.

  • Full size billet blowers (6000 series) can be serviced and most parts are available.

  • Custom 6000 series superchargers can still be produced at more attractive pricing than originally sold. This is due to our new manufacturing process. Flows to 2500 CFM can be produced. These are one off compressors and tailored to customer needs.

Axialflow Supercharger
We are currently continuing development of these units to achieve the best possible performance in the off design area. This is not the normal design process when developing a compressor of this style. In industrial and aero usage there is a much narrower operating band. Therefore a lot of research has gone into finding the best aerodynamic configuration.

Applications are being studied for the Mazda Rx-8 and the Honda S2000.






Axialflow Engineering Shifters

Axialflow Engineering Shifter is the best made anywhere by anyone. Typical construction is 303 stainless steel shafts, machined in house on our modern CNC equipment. Attached components are of like materials. Polymer parts are typically CNC machined from DuPont Delrin, an engineering polymer. Pivot pins are hardened to 60 on the Rockwell C scale. The engineering is aimed at optimizing the geometry for the shortest shift practical for road driving. We concentrate on "feel" or "quality" of the movement. Typically there is a reduction in the height of the knob for a better ergonomic relationship with the driver. The factory has to make compromises for the driver who is really not the sports type. We cater to the small segment who are looking for a real relationship with their car. It is hard to express the accuracy of placement and if you track your car this means better times. All Axialflow Shifters are warranted for the life of the car to the original buyer. If it ever wears or fails we will fix or replace it free, no questions asked. All you pay is the S&H, same as when you bought it. While we can't express the feeling, our customers can.


  • Reduce gear stick throw by 29% (compared to stock).
  • Reduces the time it takes you to change gears, improving your driving performance.
  • Improves "feel" of the gearbox, reducing the chance of missed shifts.
  • New improvements for boot retention.

Sales in Europe are handled by
You should contact them direct if you live in any of those countries.

Just to quote a few happy customers:

  • "Rifle bolt sure."
  • "Makes the car go from transportation to sports car"
  • "Tried my friends stock equipped car today and really glad to get back in mine, now he is ordering one."
  • "I always had trouble with first to seconds shifts, now it is perfect."
  • "I never thought the 5 to 6 shift quite right now I don't even know I'm making it. "

After many months of R&D the S2 is here. We spent many hours with several designs being installed and removed until we got the right one. The feel of an Axialflow shifter is legendary and we didn't stop till we got there. The two piece stick is made from stainless steel on the upper part and chrome moly on the lower. The polymer parts are made from the best engineering billet we can spec for the job. All parts are CNC machined on our own late model machining centers and lathe. The kit is complete down to a puller you'll need to remove a part. Simple installation from inside the car can be done by the enthusiast using hand tools. No parts from your old shifter need to be reused. We also include a lifetime warranty for as long as you own it.

Axialflow 2004-2008 Mazda RX-8 Shift Kits:

Price: $295.00
Domestic Shipping: $12.00
International Shipping: $20.00
CA State Sales Tax Only: 8.25%

Click Here for the Axialflow Mazda RX-8 Short Shifter DIY...

Axialflow 2000+ Honda S2000 Shift Kits:

Price: $269.00
Domestic Shipping: $12.00 (Priority Mail)
International Shipping: $20.00
CA State Sales Tax Only: 8.25%

Don't be fooled by the knock-offs on EBay... You can't duplicate the "feel" of the AFE shifter with these Chinese take off's that are offered out there. They may reduce the stroke a like amount, but they can't connect you to the gearbox without a solid shaft and hi-Tec materials.
All US materials CNC'd in our own shop to aircraft tolerances.

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